Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16 - leaving Rio

Today I will leave Rio for Brasilia. I realized I have not provided much information about this area where I am - Leblon. Leblon (named after a French plantation owner, Le Blond, who owned this area) is an affluent neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, just west of Ipanema, another neighborhood in the city. In the north it is bordered by Gávea, and in the west by a towering hill called "Dois Irmãos", which translates as "two brothers", because of its split peak.

It is a beautiful area with many restaurants/street cafes, shops, markets and parks. It is a area safe to walk around. It has a wonderful beach front that is full every day of people walk, running, biking, people playing volley ball and soccer on the beach. Sometimes...they are even playing soccer over the volley ball net. Friends greet with two kisses, one on each cheek (as different than Uruguay with only the right cheek kiss).

People in Rio are referred to and call themselves Cariocas. Cariocas are known especially for their lighthearted attitude (Cariocas claim São Paulo is for work, while Rio is for play). They joke about everything, which can catch you off guard when some of the topics can seem a bit politically incorrect. Time is something they take lightly and don't worry about worries.

I have truly enjoyed my time in Rio and feel very comfortable here. It is an amazing place and lifestyle by the water. I would say it is a not miss for travelers!

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