Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19 - Belo Horizonte

Today I left Brasilia for Belo Horizonte (Beautiful Horizon) in Minas Gerais (general mines). This is the third largest state behind Sao Paulo and Rio. It is known for its mines - gold, ore, iron, and stones. You can see them from the airplane as you fly in. People here refer to themselves as Mineras (from Minas). Women out number men 10 to 1 and they are confident they have the most beautiful women in all of Brazil.

I was invited to spend the afternoon with Myrthes, one of the program coordinators in Brazil, her husband, brother, his wife and friends. We had a wonderful day at their home in the mountains. It was breath taking. Her brother cooked a tradition stew of corn and ribs (on the outdoor stove), cod sausage and lamb. I felt like I was with my family .... who I am missing terribly!

Tomorrow is another World Cup game so we will do a bit of touring in the morning and then get ready for the game!

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