Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A quiet night....

This evening we had a relaxing night. We had a chance to walk around the local mall. The price of clothing here is much more expensive than the US as it is all imported.

We had dinner at a local restaurant Francis (known as an international restaurant) http://www.francis.com.uy/. This restaurant offered a variety of sushi, fish dishes, local meats and spanish influenced items. For a small restaurant, they had a sommelier who is hoping to go to the US to learn their wine making. We have found a new dish here that we cannot get enough of....grilled baby squid -chipirones! We don't know where this comes from (import) but will find out. It is served grilled with sauted onions and herbs (a pesto like salsa (sauce). Additionally, we did find discover that the salmon here is all from Chile as it is not common in their waters.

We walked home from dinner as this area is very safe for walking. There are many people out and even soccer (futbol) games going on at 10:30-11pm!

Our meeting for tomorrow needs to be rescheduled so we will have a free day. We hoped to travel to a winery but most of them are closed on Wednesdays (Miercoles). So we shall see what the day brings. Buenos noches!

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