Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 22 - Secretary of State, Science, Technology and Higher Education

I met with a group of researchers and leaders from the Secretary of State of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Minas Gerais. They presented information on the active role the institute and government is taking on innovation, technology and partnerships in Minas. They have a strong number of highly educated and skilled people and have been trying to connect their capacities with the business market.

SECTE has established international partnerships and agreements with Italy with energy and automotive, Germany with nanotechnology, France with environmental management, sustainable materials, dairy production, Portugal with recovery of degraded land, Australia with mining, water management, sustainability management and Chile with mining. This year they will host their annual innovation research event - Inovatec - which brings together innovation companies, R&D professionals, Universities, government, investors, venture capitalists and business to form business relationships. The theme of the 2010 Conference is Clean Energy and the World Cup 2014 (there are many business opportunities for companies in work to prepare and host the World Cup). The 2010 partnering country is the US. Visit ...they are excited for the opportunities and, if you know anyone interested, please let me know. I can get you in touch with Cynthia.

In speaking with the group, they shared with me information about four of the "poles" (centers) of excellence around coffee, dairy, cattle genetics and biotechnology. The other "poles" of excellence are: biofuels, biotechonology, environment/forestry, milk/dairy, mineral/metallurgy, electronics, telecom, hydric resources, software. They are doing extensive research to implement new technologies, research, opportunities, trainings for improve production and market opportunities.

Also attending our meetings was Fellow Josiano Gomes Chaves who through his work with the Government in the health care area works with SECTE. After our meeting, Josiano and I went to lunch to discuss our Fellowships and opportunities.

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